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LINK partecipa al progetto CommonS in Erasmus+

Common Spaces for learning by retrieving and remixing Open Educational Resources

CommonS is a project funded by the EU Erasmus+ Programme, key action "Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices"; it focus on collaborative learning, based on Open Educational Resources (OER) accessible on the web, online tutoring and online mentoring,

CommonS involves 6 academic and non-academic partners from 4 European countries: Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Instituto Politecnico del Leiria (PT), The Brightside Trust (a UK charity), AlfaBeta (an IT company leading an online community of professional translators), MTC (a Belgian consultancy company) and LINK.

The project addresses the creation of a few Virtual Communities of Practice (VCOP) experimenting new forms of co-learning, e-tutoring and e-mentoring; said communities will comprise teachers, students, young and senior professionals; they will work mainly to the retrieval, adaptation (including translation), reuse and remix of available OER contents, also in order to propose a few learning paths. Sample topics will be enterpreneurship education, digital competences and teaching/learning of foreign languages: these are thought useful to reduce the gap between the academic world and the labour market.

The task of LINK is to set-up  a platform, also by "remixing" environments and tools developed/used by others, in order to be able to focus on the specific goals of the project. We need an online authoring environment allowing the users to bookmark, tag, adapt and translate resources of different types; to assemble chunks; to create modified versions of contents and collections; we need also tracing tools allowing us to collect and evaluate system-mediated interactions among actors with similar and different roles.